New name, same mission.

We started out Curious, we’re now

Our mission: to provide a platform for individuals to gather and track their personal data. We believe this is the only path toward precision health. Technologies for generating many kinds of personal data are on the rise but what does it all mean? Our goal is to provide the tools to bring it all together for you, and share with others who can help derive meaning from it.

And now, we’re bringing on personal genomics, focused on delivering a better understanding the genetic underpinnings of chronic conditions.

Through our recently announced partnership with Helix (more on this below), we’re delivering a deep dive into the genetics of chronic diseases. Patients can combine their disease-specific genetic data with other details—symptoms, treatment response—and be connected to researchers and clinicians who are experts in their disease. They can connect other patients who share their disease ‘subtype,’ based on the data they’ve accrued.

We also firmly believe the data our customers assemble is theirs to control and share as they see fit.


What’s happening at

We’ve recently been selected as a patient tracking platform for a 5-year, NIH-funded myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) study with Bateman Horne Center, directed by Lucinda Bateman, MD and Suzanne Vernon, PhD, Jackson Laboratory’s Derya Unutmaz, MD, W. Ian Lipkin, MD at Columbia University, and Maureen Hanson, PhD, at Cornell University.

This study leverages our long-standing partnership with ŌURA, maker of a sleep and activity tracking ring, which will be worn by ME/CFS patients. Gathering accurate sleep metrics, heart rate variability, and patient mobility from the ring combined with tracked symptoms, treatments, and genetics on will become a cornerstone for mapping individual patient experiences.

ME/CFS has historically been grossly misunderstood, and research into the condition has been woefully underfunded. We’re honored to be part of this important work—we hope it’s just the start of expanded, well-funded research and deserved support for the ME/CFS patient community.


The new future of personal genomics

The cost of generating a genome sequence has dropped dramatically over the past two decades to a point where it’s becoming relatively affordable to individuals. These advances have generated a whole new opportunity in personal genomics that delivers a deeper understanding of our unique health experience.

Helix is one such company leveraging next generation sequencing technology; earlier this year they launched a platform for third-parties to develop apps that focus on specific sets of genetic data for consumers. We have major plans in the works—please sign up here for advanced notice of our launch schedule. You can also let us know what disease(s) you’re interested in learning more about.


What’s next?

Our tracking app (available on both iOS and Android) is live, and we have new updates coming soon that will make tracking even easier.

Download today to start tracking your health and follow us for updates.

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